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Market leader in secure facilities

Specialfastigheter owns and manages properties including correctional facilities, juvenile care homes, courts of law and police properties. These are all special operations that have stringent requirements, particularly in terms of security. We are a safe, secure and proactive property owner that focuses on long-term relationships, and we define both current and future requirements in close collaboration with our customers.

Anstaltsmur med blå himmel ovanför

The company is wholly-owned by the Swedish state, a long-term and stable owner which pursue active corporate governance and, like us, consider sustainability issues to be a natural part of the company’s long-term strategy and business.

Properties, customers and employees all over Sweden

Our property holdings comprise floor space of around 1.2 million square metres and a market value of around SEK 43 billion. Many of our customers and their operations fulfil vital societal functions and are spread across the country, from Ystad in the south to Haparanda in the north.

Our biggest customers are the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, the National Police Board, the National Board of Institutional Care, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Defence Materiel Administration. Specialfastigheter’s customers are located nationwide, and the same applies to our around 260 employees.

Our business idea

Based on sustainable business practices and long-term, commercial ownership, Specialfastigheter develops and manages properties in Sweden for customers whose operations demand high security standards.

Our mission

Specialfastigheter’s mission is to own, develop and manage properties with stringent security requirements in Sweden on a long-term commercial basis, wherever there is a national security interest. The guiding principle of our operations is to reduce the state’s overall costs. In a competitive market, Specialfastigheter may also own, develop and manage properties in which there are other kinds of security interests and pursue other related business.


We should set an example within the area of sustainable business. We achieve this by balancing and uniting financial, social and environmental aspects in our operations, which is supported by the state’s ownership policy, the company’s strategies and goals and the UN’s SDGs. Through close collaboration with our stakeholders, we are developing sustainable business. The sustainability areas in which we focus most are CO2 emissions and biodiversity.

Financial management

Specialfastigheter finances operations through borrowing in the Swedish and international capital markets through bond and commercial paper programmes. Borrowing is conducted against the balance sheet without pledging properties. The loan agreements include an ownership clause that reinforces the lenders’ position by entitling them to call in a loan early if the state’s ownership level falls below 100%.

Read more about Specialfastigheter's business and operations in our annual report.